APARTMENT with one room and 3 beds

Payment options

One night for 2 people 100 EUR(Direct to bank account or PayPal)

One night for 3 people 120 EUR(Direct to bank account)

6 nights for 3 people 500 EUR(Direct to bank account)


APARTMENT with 2 rooms and 6 beds

Payment options

One nigth 200 EUR(Direct to bank account)

6 nights 1000 EUR(Direct to bank account)


“Catchers package”: 1700 EUR, 6 nights

Apartment with 2 rooms and 6 beds
2 boats


Company code: 913575989

Dainius Asmena

Address: Skjånesveien, Skjånes 9771, Norway

County: 9771, Gamvik

Post address: Skjånesveien, Skjånes 9771, Norway

Bank: DNB Bank ASA, 0021 Oslo

Account Nr.: 12075166026

International payment:NO47 1207 5166 026, DNBANOKKXXX

E-mail: catcher.norway@gmail.com

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