The coast has rich stocks of cod, sei, haddock, halibut, flounder and king crab. You can become a fisherman for a day, rent a boat and try the fish luck yourself. Everyone has the right to fish in the sea with a rod and hand string. This is a fishing experience where you can expect to catch cod weighing up to and over 30 kg! At Skjånes you can actually catch big cod or other kind of big fish all year around! At Skjånes we can actually offer big fish adventures the whole year.

Take care of export restrictions – visitors can bring up to 20 kilos of self-fished fish out of

Sea angling in Norway – Regulations for foreign visitors:


There are countless mountain lakes that contain wild trout.  A day spent exploring some of these is never wasted.  Some are by the roadside, others can be accessed by varying lengths of walk through dramatic mountain scenery.

Fishing licenses for inland fishing are required for persons who are not resident in Finnmark.

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